Trip to the Association of the Protection of the Environment
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On May 25th 2013, the Journalism Club visited the Association for the Protection of the Environment. The headquarters of A.P.E are located in Mokattam, Cairo. We visited an area where 90% of all Cairo’s garbage is recycled. There were two objectives behind this trip. The first being that the journalism club wants to go green and predominately use only recycled paper when printing our newsletters. By visiting A.P.E, we will be able to collect recycled paper, and be one step closer to helping the environment while also taking the opportunity to visit a new area of Cairo. The second objective includes exposing our journalists to areas they might have not been aware of.

Carpet Making:

Learning Area:

Health Care System:

Field Trip Reflections
  • We should be thankful for every single thing we have, whether we like it or not. There are other people out there who have half of what we have, and thank god each and every single day. We complain about not having a charger to charge our laptops or our phones, about not having money to buy lunch, or not having the proper PE uniform, while these kids don’t even have what you think is part of your daily life. It just shows how isolated we are from the community we are part of; so I think it is safe to say that we should think before we speak or act (complain).- Nour Fahmy
  • It really was an eye-opener for me since I got to see firsthand how other people from different social classes live. Visiting the area definitely sparked ideas in my head regarding future plans that I’d like to pursue in terms of helping people of the Zabaleen community. I was most affected when I learned about how girls at such a young age enter the workforce and make a living. I’m still thinking about the advantages/disadvantages of their situation. – Sara El Messiry
  • I have been hearing about Garbage City, Manshieet Nasser for a lot now. I looked it up on the internet, and read a couple of articles about it. However I never thought it would be that real, it would be that impoverished, all what I can think about when I was there was how blessed I am to have such a high chance of learning at a world-wide known school, following that all what I can think about is that; i have to pay back to these people, and give in as much as I can. They deserve an education and they deserve a good life. -Zeina Salama
  • During this trip I learnt to truly value what I have and what god has blessed me with. You always hear stories of places like these but when you see it with your own eyes, see the children laughing and playing and enjoying life despite being surrounded by garbage is touching. -Omar Youssef
  • I personally loved the trip. It made me realize how other people strive for a good education and a good environment that the government doesn’t offer them. It also showed me how many people are ungrateful for what they have while other people in this area looked very happy for being able to take part in a project like that. -Laila Hammouda

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