A couple of weeks ago, we had class discussion in Global Perspectives about the conflicts of different endangered cultures and the way they live. The cultures that we were discussing varied from the Maasai, to Bushmen to the Aboriginals and the Bedouin. However, I was really interested in the Bushmen’s cultures and the way of life. The Bushmen are those who have no clue of the urbanized world, believe that they are the only ones who are alive and lastly, wear no clothes. Moreover, their only worry in life is to get food and water. This is where I believe the interplay begins. wrethy

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and I believe that we should start to thank God for what we have because our worries are not the same in comparison to what the Bushmen or any other person may worry about. Did you ever put in to consideration the things that YOU burden versus the things that OTHERS worry about? What do we worry about? Grades? Parties? Clothes? Drama? I could go on forever, but not one of them will ever be as essential and crucial as worrying about finding food, water or shelter. Or how about the thousand worries parents’ experience, trying their best to ensure their children a good life? At the end of the day, our worries won’t matter, while there are others whose lives depend on the result of their worries. I hope that people take into consideration the gifts that they have because their complaints maybe the wishes and dreams of someone else out there.


By Suzanna Hanafy


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